The Greek and Hellenistic Period

What We Do

Comitatus re-creates Classical antiquity from the glory that was Greece to the grandeur that was Rome. We aim to bring something of the culture of the ancient Greeks to our shows, concentrating on the later 5th century and 4th century BC.

Our professional shows use a mixture of Greek sporting and military displays which are exciting and educational. We enjoy recreating equestrian skills from the past, and this makes us the only organisation in the world able to field ancient Greek cavalrymen, riding in the correct equipment without saddles or stirrups. As ever, our reconstructed artefacts are of the highest standard and are not just for show. We use them!


Greek Soldiers On Campagin
A detailed look at the various aspects of Greek soldiers on campaign.

Greek Soldiers Through The Ages
A descriptive look at various soldiers through out the Greek and Hellenistic Age.

A Short Guide to Greek Short Swords
Clear and simple information on blades and sword design, plus an examination
of some reproduction weapons.

Thessaly for Beginners
An insight into the region of Thessaly, its historical background and politics.

The Petasos and Boeotian helmet
A look into the history and at our reconstructions.

Choes and the Athenian Anthesteria
Recreating a Greek Chous (a bulbous wine jug), and its relevance to Anthesteria.

Not In The Saddle - My Greek Riding Experience
Riding the Greek way...

Mounting The Horse
Exploring different historical methods of mounting horses.

A new Tube and Yoke Cuirass
Recreating a Greek Tube and Yoke Cuirass, construction and issues encountered.

A new Tube and Yoke Cuirass - an Addendum
Part 2 of recreating a Greek Tube and Yoke Cuirass.

Seleucid cataphracts
A debate of the use of thrusting spears and shields, or the kontos?

Greek and Hellenistic Cavalry - Which helmets are appropriate?
Discussion and history of Greek cavalry helmets.

Types of long weapon and their use
A classification of each type of long cavalry weapon.

The Gastaphetes, or belly shooter
A look at the history and reconstruction of the gastaphetes.